Singing Together 1 - songbook/CD

Singing Together 1

The songs in this book may be enjoyed by any baby or child, but are particularly helpful in supporting the earliest learning and development stages, starting from birth. Don't worry what kind of singing voice you have - your baby or child won't mind! Sharing music, songs and rhymes together will help to develop their communication skills, because it provides an opportunity to listen, watch and interact with you. 

You'll probably recognise some of the 89 songs and rhymes – and the songbook and CD/MP3 link will help remind you of the words and tunes, as well as providing ideas for actions that support children's development.
Here's 'Popping on your vest' - handy for engaging wriggly babies when getting dressed! 'My big blue boat' can be sung together as an action song, but also makes a good lullably when sung a bit more slowly (and simple words to remember when you're tired!).

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