community outreach/ community learning and development case studies

Peep programmes were always intended to be used flexibly, as supporting children's learning and development happens wherever they are. The examples below illustrate some of the different ways that the programmes are delivered - such as 1:1/ in the family's home, in drop-in sessions or in group sessions.

>  Peep 1:1 outreach/ home visit - overview - This can happen via one or several home visits. Home visits explore how parents and carers can (and do) enhance their child’s early learning at home, and share information with families about local Peep sessions and other groups and services.

>  Drop-in peep - overview -  These provide a good opportunity to build relationships with families where they already go. Drop-in sessions enable families to get a taster of the Peep programme and to drop in when they can. They might be occasional 'pop-up' sessions, or much more frequent. As the sessions are open access, they can happen anywhere that families go, including shopping centres or health centres.

>  Stay and play in Oxford - engaging parents and sharing child development ideas and activities in drop-in sessions

 Peep groups - overview - group sessions are generally run weekly for parents and carers to attend with their children. Groups can be universal or targeted, focusing on a particular aspect of development (e.g. speech and language), a particular group of parents/carers (e.g. dads or young parents) and/or a particular form of delivery (e.g. Water Peep).

>  Transition from nursery into school in Edinburgh - partnership between Community Learning and Development (CLD) and the school

>  Multi-agency Peep: health and community learning in Edinburgh