Building a tower togetherWe’ve been counting in our Peep groups: fingers, toes, shoes – you name it, we’ve counted it!  Our 3 little ducks have been busy, and we’ve also been thinking about shapes, patterns, sequences, distance and space.  There are lots of lovely stories with numbers, but we’ve also been thinking about ‘all gone’ and singing Peepo! 

From their earliest days, babies seem fascinated by black and white high-contrast patterns. We talked about how routines of the day such as meal times, nappy changes and bedtime can introduce and extend the idea of patterns and sequence. 

All the maths activities are great for supporting language development too:

This teddy is small but that one’s enormous! 

Parents liked the Peep activity sheets which have great ideas to take home (Clapping Games and finger rhymes and Building a chimney pot/tower together).