early years research

On this page you can find links to some of the research studies from across the early years and parenting sectors that influence the development of Peep programmes.

'Children's Centres: their impact on children and families' (ECCE)

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> Children's Centres: their impact on children and families (Dec 2015) - part of the DfE-funded Evaluation of Children's Centres in England (ECCE) study.

The study concluded that children's centres benefitted families in a range of ways, and that there were three particular characteristics of children's centres that promoted better child, mother and family outcomes:

  1. Offering more named programmes for families predicted better outcomes for certain child behaviours and family outcomes, including the early home learning environment. 
  2. Centres that were maintaining or increasing services (rather than cutting or re-structuring) had better outcomes for mothers and family.
  3. Multi-agency working seemed to be beneficial for some child and family outcomes.

'The best start at home' (EIF)

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'The best start at home' review (June 2015) - Dartington Social Research Unit, University of Warwick, University of Coventry for Early Intervention Foundation

What works to improve parent-child interactions from conception to age five? A rapid review of interventions.

Includes reference to Peep Learning Together Programme group delivery.