family learning in derby children's centres

"Peep has been delivered in Derby as part of the core offer of the children's centres for more than 12 years. The programme supports the city's early intervention strategy, by working with parents/carers to improve outcomes for children.

Peep is delivered in all Derby City localities with a mix of babies, toddlers and multi-age groups delivered over 30 weeks, from September to July. There are currently 20 groups running. 

During our three annual Peep Celebration Events across the city of Derby we presented certificates to the 78 parents who had completed Peep OCN portfolios during the past year. The events are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the success of these families, to acknowledge the hard work of the practitioners who support them and to hear how parents/ carers are continuing to use ideas they had gained from attending the Peep sessions.

A number of the parents presented with their certificates were confident enough to speak to the whole audience about the impact Peep had had on their families. This was an especially moving part of each event, and wonderful affirmation of the importance of the Peep programme in Derby."

Carol Gotheridge, Family Learning and Peep Co-ordinator, Derby City Council

comments from derby parents

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‘My confidence was very, very low at the start of the course. I began to learn so much - things I didn’t know about children. My life has changed so much. I now sing with my boys. I get down to their level on the floor and join in their play. We have so much fun. Although I know I was a good mum before, I am an even better mum now.’

‘Peep has given me a new light into how my daughter learns and also how much fun it is to join in with your child’s play.’

‘My family wouldn’t be where they are now, without Peep’

‘Peep has helped me give my daughter the best start in life I could possibly offer. She has developed into such a confident, pleasant and inquisitive little girl and this is all because of Peep. Thank you!’

‘Peep is good for the parent providing opportunities and memories and great for your child’s confidence and experiences.’