learning through play - creative bravery festival

We were delighted to host a presentation at the 2021 festival, which celebrates creatively brave thinking in education, and gives space for practitioners to reflect, rethink and transform the way we educate and learn.

Nigel Clarke - Creative Bravery festivalNigel Clarke (CBeebies' The Baby Club and Dadvengers) was kind enough to record an introduction to our session and gave us some insight into his learning around the Peep Learning Together Programme (LTP) both as a father and in his work. He gives a brilliant explanation of how play, laughter and social interaction are not only fun and beneficial for mental health, but also an integral part of the way children learn - well worth watching:

  video (5 mins) of Nigel Clarke on learning through play

We also had great presentations from two local authorities, and so send a huge well done and thank you to our Peep Champion Corrie Dewart from West Dunbartonshire and to the amazing team in South Ayrshire!

Corrie shared her Peep journey as a newly trained practitioner in an area where the Peep Learning Together Programme was totally new. Corrie and her colleagues have used Peep to support transitions during the pandemic and feels that the work has been a significant support in building relationships between staff and families during such a challenging time. The Care Inspectorate reported on the use of Peep sessions as a strength within Corrie's setting, recognising the value of holding space for families to talk, share experiences and learn with their children. Corrie shares that her “enthusiasm and motivation continues to grow…as I see the enjoyment of families engaging with the experiences”. 

Helen, Elaine, Gillian, Marie and Shevon are the Peep Champions in South Ayrshire, who deliver the Peep LTP across all 37 of South Ayrshire Council's Early Years Centres.  They have been delivering Peep for some time now and over the past 18 months have used Zoom as well as outdoors and 1:1 Peep to reach families with great success. The Peep Progression Pathway (accreditation for parents, based on Peep Learning Together sessions) is new to the team, who began their first group in May this year, taking parents and their children on a Literacy Adventure over 12 weeks.  Hearing feedback from their families was both inspiring and moving - see examples below. 

We are really looking forward to building upon the current strengths within our community of practice so please contact us if you’d like to share some of your work at a Peep in Practice session or if there are specific areas of Peep work that you’d like to learn more about! We are here to support you and help the community grow!

S Ayrshire - Peep parent feedback