locations - where peep happens

Peep Programmes are delivered by Peep-trained practitioners around the UK and abroad. Our Peeple Centre and Peep Pre-school are both in Oxford, and we have a small office in Edinburgh.

peep venues and practitioners
Peep delivery happens in family and children's centres, schools, nurseries, health centres, drop-in sessions, families' homes, libraries, child health clinics, swimming pools, outdoors - wherever families are! Peep practitioners are employed by organisations that work in all these places.

Contact us to arrange Peep training for practitioners – it can take place anywhere, for anyone working with families.

peep locations – around the UK and beyond

You’ll find contact details and stories/ mini case-studies from a few of the places where Peep is happening on the following pages - see the menu. If you're looking for local Peep but your area isn’t mentioned, you're welcome to contact us or your local family or children's centre.

And do let us know if you have local contact details and/or a Peep story for us to add: info@peeple.org.uk or 01865 397970. 

Valuing and building on families’ strengths to support their children’s learning is a good idea wherever it happens! The flexible and inclusive nature of Peep programmes means they can successfully be used by Peep-trained practitioners anywhere in the world. We have welcomed practitioners from afar to our training in the UK, as well as delivering training in other countries.