making the most of peep

Peep programmes work best when managers and practitioners:

~  understand the nature and purpose of Peep programmes and delivery 

~  consider and discuss (early on) why and how they'll use the Peep programme 

~  use the log-in Members Area for the programme's Key Ideas, Topics, Session plans, Parent handouts etc.

~  support and/or have time to plan, deliver, review and follow-up Peep work  

~  are occasionally observed and/or observe Peep delivery (as a 'critical friend')

~  sometimes meet with Peep colleagues to plan and review, and/or share ideas, challenges and good practice (within or outwith the organisation, online or in person)

~  make links with other disciplines to support Peep delivery, e.g. community learning, early years, parent services, health, schools and settings.

See below for further support ideas - via Peeple or a local Peep co-ordinator.

support from Peeple -

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  • Website: after creating an account practitioners and members can access the log-in Members Area, to download delivery documents and share your topic-related questions or ideas via the topic toolboxes, or general questions via the forum
  • Social media: Share ideas and your news with us and other practitioners and families via the Peeple facebook page or twitter page.
  • Newsletter: We'll automatically email you Peep Postings, for trained practitioners and managers, to support your organisation's Peep delivery, and you're welcome to sign up to our general Peeple newsletter. You can unsubscribe from either, at any time.
  • Further training: our other Peep training courses focus on our Antenatal Programme, Peep Progression Pathway (parent qualifications), early communication and working with South Asian families, and can be tailored to meet varying needs.
  • Networks: Build links with other organisations and disciplines using our contacts. 
  • Get in touch: Give us a call or drop us a line anytime with any other questions: email
    - Peeple Centre in Oxford:  tel 01865 397970 
    - Peeple Office in Edinburgh:  tel 07767 169539

support from a local Peep co-ordinator? -

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In some local authorities and organisations someone acts as a Peep co-ordinator or 'champion'. This may include some of the following:

 offering practitioners support and guidance with their Peep delivery and evaluation/ monitoring;
~  feeding into management/ strategic overview of how Peep delivery contributes to local support for families;
~  observing practitioners, and offering them support with Peep practitioner C&G accreditation (Note: C&G are no longer accepting new registrations (Feb '21) - see City & Guilds for practitioners for further information);
 co-ordinating resources, paperwork and/or logistics;
~  co-ordinating local practitioner network meetings (e.g. 2-3 times a year);
 co-ordinating Peep Progression Pathway qualifications for parents/carers.