Peep resources: special offer for March 2017

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To celebrate the launch of Peep online shopping, you can buy any of our songbooks/CDs or picture books for £5 each. These include Singing Together songbooks and CDs and Peep the Parrot storybooks which support key Peep Learning Together themes.

Also available are Singing Together and Songs and Stories in Punjabi and Urdu narrated and sung in the wonderfully soothing voice of Nuzhat Abbas. Nuzhat, along with Dr Alison Street developed Peep Working with South Asian Families Training  

This offer is valid during March 2017

Peep goes Down Under - supporting the home learning environment in Melbourne

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In February 2017, Sally Smith our CEO, and Peep trainers Marie and Lisa went to Melbourne, Australia to work with the Brotherhood of St Lawrence, an Australian not-for-profit organisation. The Brotherhood are about to pilot a new project called Growing Learners which brings together a number of evidence-based programmes to support some of the most disadvantaged families in the state of Victoria. They conducted an international search for an early intervention programme focusing on the home learning environment which incorporates adult qualifications and employability routes. They reported that only the Peep Learning Together Programme fitted the bill!

Peep in Oz!

Marie takes being 'Down Under' a touch too literally!

Mark McDonald, Minister for Early Learning and Childcare visits Peep Aberdeen

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In January 2017, Mark McDonald, Minister for Early Learning and Childcare, and MSP for Aberdeen Donside, and Councillor Angela Taylor met with the Aberdeen Peep team and Peep parents, carers and children. Both visitors enjoyed joining in with a Peep Babies group, and learning about the Peep Learning Together Programme. In Aberdeen, the Peep Programme is part of Children and Families Social Work. Examples of local practice include: Peep delivery with parents/carers of care-experienced children; Peep with parents/carers experiencing low mood; and Learning Together Programme training for all Contact Centre staff.

Peep Aberdeen

Peep Learning Together Programme highlighted in Education Scotland's Review of Family Learning

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The first Review of Family Learning in Scotland assessed research evidence, case studies and consultation with partners, to see what works well in Scotland, and internationally. The Peep Learning Together Programme and Peep Progression Pathway provide a case study under the section 'What Excellent Family Learning Looks Like'. 

The Review's Executive Summary defines the significance of Family Learning as 'supporting, equipping and building capacity amongst Scotland’s parents - to capitalise on children’s opportunities for learning is key in raising attainment and closing the poverty-related attainment gap. A family learning approach can also be a catalyst in helping adults take up adult learning and training opportunities, gain employment or attain new skills. This in turn positively impacts on children’s individual attainment, their aspirations and personal learning journey.'  This focus on both the child's learning opportunities and those of the parent - in their own right, as an adult learner - is one which Peeple advocates and demonstrates in Peep delivery.

Learning Together Study - how your school's or academy's nursery setting could get involved

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The Learning Together Study is funded by the Education Endowment Foundation and it is led by Peeple. It will train practitioners from nursery settings in schools and academies in England to deliver the Peep Learning Together Programme to groups of children and their parents, and will evaluate its effects. The evaluation will be carried out by Queen’s University Belfast. The aim is to find out how successful the Learning Together Programme is in improving the learning environment at home, and whether this improves children’s vocabulary, early literacy skills and social skills. This evidence will add to the existing positive evidence about the Programme which has already been established by the University of Oxford. To find out more and/or get involved please email or call us on 01865 397970.

EEF Learning Together Programme Study