services overview

Baby Peep group

Our work in Oxfordshire keeps us grounded in the reality of parents and young children learning together. It’s also lots of fun! Delivering the programme with families informs our training and provides continuing evidence of the effectiveness of our programmes.

peeple centre
At the Peeple Centre in Oxford we have been working with local families, using the Peep Learning Together programme, since 1995. 

We also train practitioners employed by other organisations, who are using the programme around the UK. The Peep Learning Together programme is used in outreach work, groups and drop-ins sessions, with parents/carers and their children from birth to school.

commissioning peep services
We can:

  • deliver Peep programmes in your setting
  • offer transition programmes
  • mentor Peep-trained practitioners
  • support work with South Asian families
  • provide bespoke workshops
  • train practitioners to deliver Peep programmes.

Please contact or or 01865 395145 for more information or a quote.