peep in early years settings

Some pre-schools, nursery classes and childcare providers use the Peep Learning Together Programme within their settings. Sometimes this is for new families, when a Transition Peep course is offered to families, but the programme is also used during regular sessions.

Child-minders have also found it to be a useful way to share information and ideas with parents, at the end of the day. Peeple has been working with Action for Children over the past year, training child-minders in various parts of England.

Using the programme in these ways provides a range of activities and opportunities for discussion, which encourage adults’ involvement in their children’s learning. Research shows that when parents are welcomed into schools and pre-schools, it benefits children, parents and teachers. The Peep programme, with its information and activities for professionals and parents/carers, can support teachers to engage with parents in their setting, and help enhance what families are already doing at home.

‘Peep has given me more confidence in helping my child. Also knowing what they do in foundation and then being able to continue this at home. Excellent.’