plans for Little Peeple day nursery

We are working in partnership with The Oxford Academy in our plans to build a day nursery within the Academy's grounds, near where the Peeple Centre is already located. There is an urgent demand for nursery places for 2 year olds in our area (Blackbird Leys, Northfield Brook, Littlemore and Rose Hill in south Oxford), with a 58% shortfall. You can read more in an Oxford Mail article.

The nursery will provide places for 44 children, from babies to three year olds, from local families and school staff. It will welcome local families into the heart of the local secondary school grounds, with plenty of outdoor space for the children to play. According to the Academy's head teacher, Niall McWilliams, "We have got a real belief in the community here and we want to make sure that high-quality education is provided from pre-school all the way up to 16." It will also complement and extend our Peep work with local families in this area over the past twenty years, including our Peep Pre-school that opened in Greater Leys in January 2015.