schemas - play patterns


We're looking forward to a busy summer term and hoping the sun shines. It was lovely to see how excited our Little Peep group was, to get back to finding out 'What’s in the bag?'!  The red bus and the rowing boat still seem to be their favourite finds. After a rousing ‘Wheels on the bus’ it was easy to forget how long the Easter break had been. 

'Again!' by John Prater In this group we’ve been talking about schemas - play patterns that children like to repeat again and again.  We set up a variety of play stations – rolling balls (Rotation); tucking up dolls (Enveloping); cars (Positioning); building bricks (Connection); pegs and pine cones with little bags to put them in (Transporting) - and enjoyed watching to see what the children were drawn to. And Bartholomew Bear’s antics in John Prater’s Again! is a story we can all relate to… 

Other groups have been getting started on the Peep NOCN Certificate in Supporting Early Learning at Home. The chance to make a keepsake book which records a child’s learning and development is a really special reminder of those precious early years.