treasure hunt

conkers in a bowl It’s a great time of year for picking up apples and spotting squirrels.  We have been taking advantage of the late summer sun to be outside on a treasure hunt looking for squirrels, hedgehogs, autumn leaves and conkers.  ‘Pick up a conker and put it in the basket’ is a great song to make tidying up fun – you can substitute conkers for anything else!

Apples have been a big inspiration.  As well as encouraging us all to eat more fruit they have inspired one Stay and Play group who painted giant apple cores.

 As usual all our Peep sessions have used the ORIM framework:

Talking about what Opportunities the children have had over the summer break as well as what might be in store for the new term. 

Practitioners and parents/carers have been working hard Recognising what sort of activities would suit their children and groups while we plan for the weeks ahead, as well as offering lots of encouragement to our enthusiastic young learners. 

Interaction: it’s useful to think about the ways we can encourage our babies and children – songs, stories and sharing books feature in all our Peep sessions.  What better way to Model to our little ones – doing things together is a great way to show them new things, help them reach their next steps, and build on their instinct to copy what’s going on around them.