visiting local libraries

baby on tummy sharing book

Our baby groups visited their local library this month.  Not only can babies and children borrow up to 20 books, there are regular events for little ones to enjoy.  It’s a great outing, there's an enormous range of books out there to be enjoyed, and it’s free! 

Books are great for encouraging lots of things:

  • babies reaching out for books helps their gross motor skills
  • turning pages supports the development of fine motor skills
  • sharing books with babies helps nurture early language
  • from the earliest moments, black and white books will capture the interest of a newborn
  • focusing on the pictures helps concentration too.  

Parents in the groups talked about when and where is a good time for book sharing: books for quiet times, books in the bath, books before bed.  Listening to stories is a great way for young children to hear all the sounds that make up spoken language. Stories introduce young babies and children to these sounds, as well as to the rhythms and patterns of language.  There’s nothing better than settling down for a cuddle and a good book!