what is the peep learning together programme?


The Peep Learning Together Programme (LTP) aims to support parents and carers to:

  • develop sensitive and responsive relationships with their babies and children.
  • improve the Home Learning Environment by valuing and extending learning opportunities in everyday life.

By supporting parents/carers, the Programme aims to improve children’s:

  • personal, social and emotional development
  • communication and language
  • early literacy 
  • early maths 
  • health and physical development.

how the programme supports practitioners, parents and carers with children’s learning

Our evidence-based Learning Together Programme values and extends what parents/carers already do to support their child's learning in everyday life. Practitioners from any sector (education, family support, health,etc) who work with babies, young children and/or parents/carers can use the structured but flexible Programme once they have completed the two-day Peep LTP Training.  

The Programme offers information, ideas and activities relating to the five strands of child development listed above, that practitioners can share with parents/carers and their children. Each of the five strands includes 15 child development topics, with session plans and background information for practitioners, and a range of handouts for parents (to print or share online). Using the ORIM framework (Opportunities, Recognition, Interaction, Modelling), it helps strengthen adult-child relationships, building children’s self-esteem and emotional self-regulation.  Practitioners (and parents) can choose which and how many topics they want to focus on, depending on local needs and interests. 

Find out more about how the Peep programme is delivered with families.

>  Look at an overview and examples of LTP topics and their downloadable resources.

formal recognition of parents'/ carers' learning - parent qualifications

Parents can gain nationally-recognised units based on supporting their child's learning and development. These units are based on what parents/carers already do to support their child’s development, and how they have put into practice the knowledge gained while taking part in the Learning Together Programme. This builds parental capacity and ‘learner identity’ which research shows makes further progression into volunteering, further learning or work more likely.

peep antenatal programme 

Learning Together’s sister programme, the Peep Antenatal Programme, supports strong parent-baby bonding and attachment relationships beginning in pregnancy.

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