zoom and teams

To provide you with the best possible experience we are using Zoom as our preferred platform, and for our 'open' courses listed on the Training Dates web-page.
This is because Zoom:

  • is easier and more intuitive for both trainers and delegates to use,  
  • now provides strong security measures, including a new ID number and password for each session which we only share with delegates (via email), an online meeting ‘waiting room’  from which delegates need to be admitted by the trainers, and the ability to ‘lock’ the meeting once everyone has arrived, so that no-one else can join,
  • can be used at no cost to the delegate/ commissioner.

We are reluctant to use Microsoft Teams because we (and several other training organisations we have spoken to) have experienced some difficulties using Teams for training with other local authorities and organisations:

  • Teams seems to require a fast and strong wi-fi connection, and connectivity can be problematic, interrupting (and occasionally halting) the training.  
  • Local authorities and organisations sometimes have very tight IT controls and permissions, which don't allow their staff (our delegates) to be able to use breakout rooms (channels) in Teams. These are an important part of the training, enabling delegates to work together in smaller groups.

If there is any way for you or your staff to use Zoom, that's really helpful.