foundation peep study

This study followed 150 three- and four-year-olds, half of whom were participating in the Peep Learning Together programme, over a two-year period. The study showed that the Peep children benefited in learning and self-esteem.

These children made greater progress than others in:

  • vocabulary
  • language comprehension
  • understanding about books and print
  • number concepts.

The children’s self-esteem was also higher, and they felt more confident in what they could do both physically and mentally. 

The study was carried out by Dr Maria Evangelou and Professor Kathy Sylva at the University of Oxford (2004). You can download a research summary (26 pages) paper from the journal of Early Childhood Research & Practice.

Follow the links for more information about our Learning Together Programme and Training. The programme is also used in foundation stage, daycare and school settings, often as Transition Peep for a few sessions for the family before the child starts, or while the child is attending the setting.