policy links and peep

The Peep Learning Together Programme is an early intervention and prevention programme, deliverable by and across a range of disciplines. We train, support, resource and accredit practitioners to work with families to recognise how they already support their children's learning and development and gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to do more.  

The web-pages in this section link to a number of the key government policies which have influenced and/or been influenced by Peeple and Peep programmes. 

Policy links and Peep: Scotland
> Policy links: England and Wales

UK-wide policies

> UK STEM Policy and the Peep Learning Together Programme (8-pg) (Jan 2019)
> UK STEM Policy and Peep LTP - Summary (2-pg + links)
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is increasingly seen as important to future development. Governments across the UK have developed a number of STEM strategies and policies. The above document provides links to the policies, and outlines how the Peep Learning Together Programme supports them, from the earliest years.

'I think the Peep programme has the child and family at the centre and we work with the parent to give them the best possible experience and interactions with their child. We are encouraging, motivating and supporting families through an informal education approach. The parents have the opportunity to gain accreditation and recognition for their learning. They are modelling success with their children'. Alison Wales, Peep Coordinator, South Ayrshire