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Families Count – and every family should be able to count on help - now more than ever. Families have been counting on Peeple for 25 years.

We need YOUR help so we can support more families to help their children to reach their full potential.

>  You can donate by text:  Text  peep 3  or  peep 5  or  peep 10  to 70085 
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Parents don’t want to be told what to do, but they do need confidence and encouragement.  They need to know that everyday life at home is rich with opportunities – that cost nothing, and help children learn. This can be as simple as rolling a ball, playing in the mud, mixing a cake or sorting socks together. 

At Peep, parents find out why the little things they do make a big difference to their child's learning. And they discover new ideas and activities that can help, and develop supportive relationships with other families. 

'My husband is a different kind of dad because of Peep. He parents totally differently now he has a better understanding of what’s important to support his son's learning and development. He’s also more involved with other dads and kids because of Peep.'

Please give a little. You can help make a big difference to more families too.

Many thanks for all your support, it means a lot. 

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Text costs the donation amount plus one standard network rate message.
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#FamiliesCount Playing roll the ball


The little things you do together make a big difference to your child's learning. 

Feeding the ducks