health case studies

families at child health clinic drop-inHealth and well-being of families is at the heart of Peep in various ways:

  • The most frequent thing that parents/carers say they like about Peep is the supportive relationships that they develop, with other families and with practitioners. They find it reassuring to have a safe space in which to discuss the challenges (as well as the joys!) of raising babies and young children, without feeling judged. This is incredibly important for people's mental health, at what can be an isolating or difficult time. 
  • Midwives, health visitors and community nursery nurses are often the main people, beyond close family and friends, that families have contact with during the weeks and months before and after a child's birth. The Peep Antenatal Programme and Learning Together Programme offer a simple way that they can share practical ideas with families, supporting the early development of a strong attachment relationship. This document demonstrates How Peep Learning Together supports early year Health work with families, including contributing to the six high impact areas and MECC (make every contact count) approach used by health visitors and Public Health England. 
  • 'Health and physical development' is one of the Learning Together Programme's five strands of development. It includes 14 topics, ranging from 'Building a brain' and 'Food for life' to 'Exploring nature', 'Babies on the move' and 'Developing balance and co-ordination'. Find out more on our 'topic examples' page.

Here are a few examples of how Peep programmes are being delivered in various health contexts:

> Preparing and sharing mealtimes in nursery and home in Highland

>  Peep in child health clinics in Oxfordshire

>  Making the most of health centres in Moray

>  Healthy Peep in Midlothian - focusing on healthy eating, hygiene, exercise, co-ordination and friendships

>  Antenatal Peep online in Highland

>  Water Peep in Newcastle - babies and parents in the swimming pool

>  Multi-agency Peep: health and community learning in Edinburgh - pregnancy to babyhood: with midwives and health visitors, CLD and voluntary sector workers

>  Peep in high schools in Moray - health and home school link workers, families and pupils (developing the young workforce)