multi-agency peep in Galway

"We’ve delivered more than 20 Peep groups over the past four years, including some with traveller communities, and lots with families from outside of Ireland. Many of the latter commented that singing the songs and interacting with other families had supported their learning of English and helped them become more involved in the Irish way of life - but that they'd also enjoyed singing songs and sharing food from their own cultures within the sessions.

In their feedback, lots of parents mentioned gaining confidence as they played more with their child, and how play helped them see the world more from their child's point of view. The greatest life improvement mentioned by many reflected the value of the time spent as they interacted with their child. One parent started recently as a special needs assistant in an autism unit - she told us that she is singing all of the songs which she was introduced to in Peep (she first started coming to Peep sessions a few years ago with two of her children and also completed a Peep OCN parent-child portfolio) and, in her view, 'Peep was better training than any college'.

In our experience, the Peep programme promotes the value of play and parent/carer-child interactions, supporting learning and social development in line with Sìolta and Aistear Principles. We’ve worked together with a range of agencies to deliver Peep with local families: Galway City and County Childcare Committee, Parent and Toddler groups, Family Support, Home Start, Vocational Education Committee, Home School Liaisons and School Completion Projects."

Practitioners Therese Reynolds and Mary Hannify