parent case studies

All the Peep case studies involve families, but the ones on this page are individual parent/ carer stories - thanks for sharing them. 

> Parent to classroom assistant in Dumfries & Galloway - "I absolutely love my job and wish that I had made the move sooner but without going to the Peep group I would never have been confident enough to do it!" 

> Parent and baby in Birkenhead - the benefits both for her baby's development and the supportive relationships within the group, in mum's own words

> From Peep parent to Peep Progression Pathway (parent accreditation) to Peep leader or Childcare and Development worker - three examples fom Midlothian:

Kim: "I know that Peep made a positive difference to our lives. I’m a mum to three and have always enjoyed playing with them but at the group I learned so much about how important I am as my child's first educator and the importance of play at home. I am more in tune with my little boy and what helps him learn. Since going to Peep everyone at home takes it in turn to read a bedtime story to our youngest child."

Claire: "The Peep Progression Pathway course and the Learning Together Programme helped me become a better parent by supporting my learning and understanding of what a child needs. I realised that I loved the learning and wanted to do more. Being a Peep leader is a fantastic experience and I am so happy to be able to share the joy of Peep with other parents and children.”

Sarah:  "I see a big difference in how I am as a parent, from the Peep Progression Pathway. I recognise my child’s playing is an important part of learning. I didn’t realise when my little one was making a mess on their high chair with food that she was discovering new things and this is one of the first forms of mark making. I'm more relaxed and aware of simple ways to help my child develop well. My child loved the Peep group too."