peep progression pathway with Home-Start - building confidence and opening doors

Parents celebrate completing Peep Progression Pathway unit

Home-Start Edinburgh West and South West (HSEWSW) have steadily built the Peep provision they offer and the progression support for parents. The Peep Progression Pathway is a key element of this. The three case studies they have kindly shared with us here shows how through the skill and dedication of their staff, and using the Peep Learning Together Programme and Peep Progression Pathway:

  • parents who were wary of 'services' have engaged;
  • parents and children have fun at Peep;
  • the home environment has improved;
  • parents have completed qualifications which have taken them nearer their career goals;
  • parents have progressed from attending Peep to training as Peep practitioners - gaining qualifications and confidence on the journey.

Margot MacKenzie, Senior Coordinator at HSEWSW highlighted how much she has valued the support from the Peeple Scotland team over the years.

improving parental confidence, home learning environment and employability

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Janey is a young mum who has attended Peep groups with her daughter Ellie for 2 years.  As a child Janey had a difficult time and was in the care system.  Janey has some additional support needs and records that she has learning difficulties.

Janey shares the care of Ellie with Ellie’s Dad, and it is not always easy.  During her time at Peep Janey enjoyed some additional support from Home-Start.  This has helped her to improve the safety of her home environment and look at healthy eating.  As a result of attending Peep, Janey came to a First Aid awareness session and was delighted to receive a certificate as she had not obtained many of these at school.

Janey would like to work in childcare one day, maybe in a crèche.  When she heard that Home-Start were offering the Peep Progression Pathway, she quickly signed up to the course.  The Pathway is ideal for her as there are levels to suit all abilities.

The unit she completed was called Personal Social and Emotional Development.  Janey said that initially she did not share books, songs or drawing/craft activities with Ellie but now does this most days.  She has been awarded an SQA credit-rated unit at SCQF level 3 and has just completed a second unit in Early Maths at SCQF level 4. Her confidence as a parent has increased 100%.

Janey does not have the care of her daughter every day but the flexibility of the programme allows her to attend classes for learning, observe the children present and use the learning when she has her daughter at home.  Her portfolio will be completed to reflect her time with Ellie.

Janey is obtaining real qualifications at the same time as enhancing her parenting skills.  This is improving her confidence and helping her on her path to reaching her ambition.

building trust with families who are wary of services

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Susan is a single parent with three children, one of whom is currently in care.  It took her a long time to trust Home-Start as she felt a lot of people were involved in her life and ‘telling her what to do’.   Her mood was very low at that time.  Susan and her family receive coordinated support from several agencies.

The Family Support Worker asked Susan if she would like to look at a Peep Progression Pathway portfolio with her.  The module chosen was Communication and Language because there are concerns about the youngest child's developmental delays due to the home environment. Susan has some difficulties with literacy issues. The Peep session supported her learning and did so in a fun, accessible way: through stories, songs and chat. 

When she was preparing for her multiagency meeting Susan asked if she could take her Peep Progression Pathway workbook to show to the professionals around the table.  Susan is proud that she has something positive to share and continues to engage in this learning.  This is welcomed by all the agencies involved with her family.

Progressing from Peep parent to Peep practitioner

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Hazel started to come to a Baby Peep group with her son Stephen while her daughter was at playgroup, and then moved to the group for one-year olds.  Hazel valued the opportunities to learn with her son and reported how she used the play ideas at home.  We saw Stephen grow in confidence over the weeks and Hazel developed friendships with the other parents.  She started to share her ideas and experiences with the other mums. English is not Hazel's first language and Peep has given her the opportunity to learn in English together with her son. She said she liked the fact that the weekly session was themed, and that the information given was very helpful.

Home-Start offered the parents and carers the opportunity to attend a Peep Progression Pathway course focusing on Communication and Language.  Hazel signed up to the course.  She completed a portfolio during the session and was awarded an SQA credit-rated unit at SCQF level 5.  At the time she explained that she would like to look at volunteering to gain experience for future employment.

Hazel discovered that Home-Start had volunteering opportunities and she completed an application form to be a volunteer.  In the spring of 2017 Hazel completed training to allow her to assist with Home-Start Peep groups.  At the same time, she completed a second Peep Progression Pathway unit at level 5. 

Since the autumn 2017 she has regularly supported one Peep group per week. She also welcomes the opportunity to attend volunteer events and enjoys meeting other volunteers.  

Home-Start has recently been awarded some Neighbourhood Partnership Funding for Peep Learning Together Programme training, to become a Peep practitioner.  Hazel has been selected to attend this training in 2018.  She will then be supported to complete her portfolio for submission to be assessed for a City and Guilds unit at SCQF level 6/7.  This will involve Hazel taking the lead practitioner role in a Peep group.

Hazel is a valued member of the Home-Start team and appreciates the Peep approach. She says “I think it is a really good opportunity for parents to get going and start learning something in a relaxed and carer friendly environment.  You can bring your children.”     

'Janey is obtaining real qualifications at the same time as enhancing her parenting skills.  This is improving her confidence and helping her on her path to reaching her ambition'

'Susan was proud to share her Peep Progression Pathway workbook at the multi-agency meeting'

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'I think it is a really good opportunity for parents to get going and start learning something in a relaxed and carer-friendly environment.  You can bring your children' - Hazel, Peep parent

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