multi-agency case studies

Many local authorities use Peep programmes as part of their strategic service delivery for children and families. This contributes to school-readiness - building on what parents already do to support their children's learning through talking, playing, singing and sharing books and stories.

Here are some examples of how Peep is being used in this way:

>  Multi-agency Peep in Dundee

​>  Multi-agency Peep: health and community learning in Edinburgh

>  Multi-agency Peep in Galway - working with families incl those from traveller and EAL communities, and professionals from childcare, parent and toddler groups, family support, Home-Start, vocational education committee, home school liaisons and school completion projects.

> Multi-agency Peep in Stirling - educational psychology-led

 Peep in high schools in Moray - health and home school link workers, families and pupils (developing the young workforce)

 Family Learning & employability in Derby - stepping stones into learning and work with the Peep Progression Pathway: NOCN certificate in 'Supporting early learning at home'

 Children's social work and family & community support in Aberdeen