drop-in sessions

families sharing a book

The Learning Together Programme can be used to share key ideas and activities with parents/carers and their children during drop-in sessions. It can be used in new or existing drop-ins run in places where families already go, such as a local shopping centre, library or child health clinic, as well as 'Stay and Play' or 'Parent and Toddler' sessions in Family or Children’s Centres.

Through attending Peep drop-in sessions, parents and carers are supported to enhance their understanding about:

  • how adults can use the ORIM framework (Opportunities, Recognition, Interaction, Modelling) to support babies’ and young children’s learning
  • the importance of developing conversation, of talking and listening to babies and young children, and how adults can help
  • how to provide play opportunities which help babies’ and young children’s learning
  • how positive relationships help babies and young children feel good about themselves and want to learn
  • using numbers in everyday situations with babies and young children
  • how babies and young children make sense of their world through exploring and making choices
  • how adults can help babies’ and young children’s developing reading and writing skills through play and everyday activity together
  • how to help babies and young children develop a sense of order that will help them feel secure
  • how to share books, stories, rhymes and songs with babies and young children.

Peep drop-in sessions are a fun and accessible way to introduce parents/carers to the importance of singing and sharing books with their children, talking about everyday activities together, and positive and encouraging interactions. 

Here are some examples: