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Peep Learning Together is an adult learning programme, whose main focus is on supporting parents with their young children's learning and development. Some Peep parents/carers don't have positive memories about their own school or educational experince, and don't think of themselves as learners. Learning happens throughout Peep sessions without needing to read or write. It involves discussing an aspect of child development that is relevant to their children, building on the parents' experience as well as the practitioners' knowledge and key ideas from the Programme. There is also learning through singing, sharing books and stories, play activities (in the session and at home) and observing how the children play and learn. The ORIM learning framework underpins the Programme, providing a simple way for parents to reflect on how the day-to-day things they do support children's learning.

Parents often comment on how much confidence they have gained in supporting their child's learning. Gaining an attendance certificate at the end of the course is a valuable moment. Attending Peep can act as a stepping stone into other learning and employment opportunities. This might be a Peep Progression Pathway course, offered at 3 levels and credit-rated by the SQA and NOCN, based on portfolio created by the parent/carer.  For some parents, this is the first certificate of learning that they have ever achieved, and it's an inspiring moment when they are awarded. We are also in the process of setting up agreements with colleges to offer progression routes to a guaranteed interview and/or college place.

Some secondary or high schools are collaborating with Peep practitioners, to provide opportunities for pupils interested in a career in childcare or early education to get some first hand experience. Find out more below:

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