transition (into pre-school, nursery or school)

family making books together

The Learning Together Programme is a great way for schools, pre-schools and daycare settings to welcome new families. Peep-trained school/setting staff can offer a few sessions of Transition Peep, by combining elements of the Learning Together programme with an introduction for families to the activities and routines of their setting, reassuring new children (and parents!). It's also a fantastic opportunity to share ideas from the Learning Together programme, about how parents can support their child's play and learning at home, enhancing children's readiness for school and the confidence of both children and parents.

transition peep:

  • helps prepare parents and children for the transition from home to the setting - explaining what happens at the setting, linked to an introduction to relevant early years frameworks (such as the EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage)
  • improves parents’ confidence and ability to support and value their child’s learning and development - exploring with parents what they already do and how they might extend it
  • reduces the sense of anxiety experienced by some families by providing the opportunity to meet other families, and to raise and discuss common concerns
  • enables parents, children and staff to get to know each other:
    • helping children to settle in more quickly
    • providing the opportunity for staff to identify, and informally discuss with parents, any additional needs or potential referrals to other services
    • improving two-way support between parents and staff
  • increases staff understanding of the value of parental involvement, contributing to statutory (e.g. Ofsted) requirements
  • helps parents identify their own learning and development needs and potential pathways (e.g. relevant courses or services).

"I love doing Peep and so do the parents!! I work in a foundation stage setting in a primary school. I have linked up with the project worker at the local Children's Centre to do Peep. It has been a challenge finding time to facilitate Peep but myself and colleagues can see the amazing benefits it has to families and their children. All the children's communication and language development has progressed, and parents have been signposted on to other courses. To finish off we all went on a beach trip together with the local Children's Centre."
Feedback from Rachel, a nursery nurse at a primary school in Bracknell