water peep in Newcastle

Practitioners around the country have delivered their own versions of Water Peep. In Oxford, practitioners developed a 7-session Water Peep course focusing on movement and communication. Several children with physical disabilities attended, as well as parents who, in their own words, ‘don’t do groups’.

Here are some reflections from Alison in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who set up a Water Peep group a few years ago:

“We simply transferred the elements of a Peep session into the pool, with babies from about four months up to school age. So, we sing the hello song, use songs and rhymes, use bath books and water toys. There are loads of ideas for activities in the water once you start to look around and think about it, and we found lovely flannel finger puppets, massage balls, child mirrors, etc. We also take along a spare towel and swim nappies. Some Muslim mums have attended and worn t-shirts and leggings in the pool.

We co-deliver our sessions with a Water Confidence instructor, who continues to build in other elements. We manage the talk time over refreshments in the coffee bar after the families are all dried and dressed. Interesting spin-offs for us have been that the session has attracted more dads than we would normally get to our Peep groups, and all the children recently got a ‘duckling’ badge.”