outdoor peep in Aberdeen

‘I went to observe a fantastic session of our Peep Little Rangers programme which is run in our local park in Aberdeen. This is an early nature/outdoor programme which is delivered by Peep-trained park rangers.

The session focused on Mud Glorious Mud! The activities included songs about mud, and a story about getting stuck in the mud, which really set up the outdoor activity.

Before going outside the children were able to investigate the mud utensils, which were a collection of large spoons, tattie mashers, fish slices, flower pots, etc. These had been put into a treasure box, which created a sense of excitement when the children had to open it to find out what was inside, and it then started a discussion with parents on using everyday utensils.

The outdoor mud play was really fun, with big holes ready to fill with water from watering cans and spray bottles to make a big muddy puddle, which all the children and adults eventually went into and then made mud footprint pictures. A variety of mud pies were also made, with children adding bark chippings, sticks, stones and a special ingredient of sparkly water! Truly great fun had by all!’

Jill Mennie, Peep Co-ordinator and Trainer, Aberdeen