inter-generation peep

"Our Baby Peep group meets in our Edinburgh Community Centre at the same time as an Over 50s group meet in a different room. Recently, the over 50s asked if they could join a Peep session, especially for the singing. Our Baby group families agreed, and the following week they joined us at singing time.

We started our session with Peep songs, which led to some of the over 50s suggesting nursery rhymes that they knew. These were more traditional, and lots of parents remembered these from their childhood. One of the over 50s who has additional needs appeared to especially enjoy 'Twinkle twinkle little star', and she gave us a solo rendition. Everyone joined in with the actions to the songs. We asked our visitors if they would like to stay for our story as well, which they did.

As Peep practitioners, we felt quite emotional watching the interaction between the two groups, especially as our visitors were largely in their seventies and eighties. We feel that both groups got a lot from this session, and everyone said how much they’d enjoyed it. We are now planning to do this once a term, with refreshments in the café area afterwards to promote more social interaction."

Feedback from Linda and Eileen, Peep Practitioners in Gilmerton, Edinburgh

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