multi-agency peep in Dundee

'Peep questionnaires completed by Peep parents consistently demonstrate an increase in confidence, mark making, book sharing, singing and play with letters and numbers for a significant number of participants.' - Dawn Banks, Peep Coordinator, Dundee City Council

In Dundee both Peep delivery and strategic planning is done by a range of agencies. These agencies share their knowledge and skills to provide the best experience, and outcomes, for parents and children. This way of working also provides ongoing professional learning for all involved in the planning and delivery of Peep in Dundee. 

Over the last five years, 75 Dundee practitioners have been trained to deliver the Peep Learning Together Programme: 62 from the children and families service (58 from Education/nursery settings, the others from the Bilingual pupil support service or Social work) and 13 from Adult learning, Leisure & culture, or the voluntary sector. Seven have also completed Peep Antenatal Training.

The Peep strategic group has representatives from each of these sectors, who meet quarterly to co-ordinate the delivery and monitoring of Peep programmes in the city, to plan and review actions to improve Peep delivery, to facilitate opportunities for partnership working and to share good practice. You can see some of the parents’ feedback on the left. 

Parents in Dundee are able to complete Peep Progression Pathway units. Currently 8 multi-agency Peep practitioners are trained to deliver and assess the units. Five others internally verify the parent portfolios. So far nine parents have successfully completed a Peep Progression Pathway unit, and others are working towards it.

In 2016, Dundee City Council completed a Training and Support Agreement with Peeple. This allows their local authority to train their staff to become Peep practitioners at a reduced rate, using their own trainers, and cements a relationship of support between Dundee City Council and Peeple.

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who are the partners involved in peep delivery?

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Practitioners from Adult Learning, Leisure and Culture, Children and Families Service and voluntary organisations work in a range of partnerships to deliver Peep in Dundee.  The partnerships are dependent on practitioner work remit, area of town and availability.

In addition practitioners are able to work in partnership with a range of organisations to deliver Peep in their setting with their staff supporting delivery.  For example, Peep has been delivered with Dundee International Women’s Centre, Home Start and St Andrew’s Project (young parents).

how do you make this joint working possible?

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The Peep strategic network helps to identify priorities and possible opportunities for partnership working.  Each organisation recognises the benefits and strengths which results from workers with different professional training working together. Each profession brings their own skills and knowledge to the partnership.  

what benefits does it bring?

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Staff from different professional backgrounds can share their expertise and skills.  Staff can learn and develop as a result of working with others in partnership.  Individuals taking part in Peep groups receive a more holistic learning experience and signposting and progression opportunities are increased and made easier.

what challenges have there been to extending delivery in dundee?

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  • The financing of training
  • Lack of knowledge about demand for training from the voluntary sector
  • Confidence of staff to deliver the programmes

how have you/are you tackling these?

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  • Dundee City council has entered into a training agreement with Peeple which has reduced the cost of training for partner organisations
  • Local courses reduce the travel costs in attending remote courses
  • In our most recent Peep action plan Aug 2016-Aug 2017 a task to explore demand for training in the voluntary sector has been identified
  • Facilitating opportunities for partnership working and peer learning
  • Developing the multi-agency Peep practitioner network

what benefits does peep offer families?

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Standard end of programme Peep questionnaires completed by Peep parents consistently demonstrate an increase in confidence, mark making, book sharing, singing and play with letters and numbers for a significant number of participants.

how does it fit with other provision?

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In nurseries, Peep sits alongside many other programmes, e.g. stay and play, Play @ Home, ABC and Beyond Workshops, Eat Well Play Well.

Peep programmes fit in with the delivery of family learning in an Adult Learning context.  One of our main outcomes is promoting the role of the parents/carers as the child’s first educator.

In Leisure and Culture Dundee, Peep complements mainstream parent and child physical activity programmes and Eat Well Play Well.

future plans

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The Peep strategic group have a wide range of actions summarised in 2016/2017 Peep in Dundee Action Plan.  A selection of the actions are highlighted below:

  • City wide, multi-agency data collection of Peep delivery
  • Exploring multi-agency options for delivery of antenatal Peep
  • Delivery of more multi-agency Peep Progression Pathway programmes
  • Developing the multi-agency Peep practitioner network
  • Exploring interest in Peep training in voluntary organisations

Comments from Peep parents/carers:

“Peep offers understanding of your child’s behaviour and stages and solutions for helping them and yourself deal with them”


“Peep has given me advice when struggling with certain things and confirmed when doing something right”


“Yes (Peep has made a difference) it has made my eldest son aware of what goes on around him. He is very observant now.  He is making friends, having new experiences. I have learnt to give my son time to himself, whether it is to watch, play alone or with others.  Let him make his own decisions when he wants”


“Yes (Peep has made a difference) nice going to sessions, doing different things together, getting lots of ideas”


“We enjoy the sessions and the environment and I think attending such a class together reminds me, or refocuses me, on learning through play and small ways I can use play to help my son develop”


“Peep is a way of reinforcing natural parenting and finding pointers and asking for advice as and when issues arise”


“We do all of the activities most days. Since joining Peep I pay closer attention to what my children are gaining from these activities”