peep learning together programme training

Due to Covid-19, we have adapted our LTP Training so that we can deliver it live online. The training content and access to the whole online Programme are the same for both online and face-to-face training, but we've added in some guidance on delivering Peep sessions remotely.

who for:
Peep Learning Together Programme Training is for practitioners who work with parents and babies/ young children, to contribute to:

  • strong parent-child relationships
  • increased parental knowledge and confidence in how to support their child's learning and play in day-to-day life
  • children’s personal, social and emotional development, communication and language, early literacy and maths, and health and physical development. 

online training feedback:  'Excellent course, which worked very well. All information was clear, with plenty of time for questions and conversation about the content.'  Family Support worker, Oxfordshire

post-course feedback: 'Peep is inclusive and doesn't preach to parents, making it more accessible.  Parents appreciate that the activities are easy to do and they don't need to go and buy expensive resources.'   Nursery nurse, West Lothian

The training equips practitioners to:

  • engage and support parents to build on what they already do to enhance their baby's or child's early communication and learning (contributing to school-readiness), through talking and playing as part of everyday life,  
  • explore practical ideas, strategies and resources, using the comprehensive and flexible Peep Learning Together Programme
  • deliver universal or targeted sessions with parents and children together, to meet local needs - in one-to-one, group or drop-in sessions; in person or via video-conferencing.  


  • Online:  4 x 3 hour sessions (two sessions per day for 2 days - e.g. 9.30 - 12.30pm and 1.30 - 4.30pm,  or   four half-day sessions: e.g. four mornings or  four afternoons)
    Delegates need to attend all sessions for their course. 

training price: 

  • £395 + vat per person, including online access to the whole Programme, with downloadable child development topics, session plans, handouts etc.
  • Trained practitioners can buy a Programme Folder containing all the topics (optional)

online training platform The training is delivered live via Zoom (preferred) or Microsoft Teams video-call platforms (no prior experience necessary). Delegates could be at home or at work, with a reasonable wi-fi connection and a laptop/ computer with camera (tablet possible but not ideal, especially as they don't always work for breakout rooms; phones are too small).  We also post out delegate packs in advance.

We are currently delivering our 'open' training courses (that you can book onto individually) on Zoom, and it is our preferred option for people booking a whole course too - further info

how to book:

> Complete and return the Booking Form for online LTP Training  

Check dates or find out more

Please book at least a week before the course, to secure your place and to ensure that there's time for your delegate pack to reach you in the post. 

>  Contact us with any questions  or  tel 01865 397970 

>  find out more about arranging a course for your colleagues - online or in your area 

post-course support for practitioners and managers: 

  • See making the most of Peep for guidance on delivering and supporting the Learning Together Programme (for yourself or your staff)
  • We provide more detailed delivery support on our log-in website and newsletters, and tips on our social media pages. We are also happy to chat with practitioners or managers after the training - by phone, video-call or email - to respond to more specific questions. 

feedback: "Peep is a really do-able programme...." - find out what delegates thought - after the [online] training and after using Peep with families:

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Online training feedback:

  • 'I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I was not really expecting to as it was online.  I think that Peep is a wonderfully flexible, accessible resource which can be used to develop and enhance what we already do as practitioners and what parents do every day.'  Catherine, Family support worker, County Fermanagh
  • 'Great training for delivering Peep, with planning, strategies and support. The training was fantastic and i enjoyed every minute of it. Great being able to interact with the others in group despite it being online, felt like a great team. I look forward to delivering Peep and building relationships with parents and building on their knowledge.'  Victoria, Early years practitioner in school, Aberdeen
  • 'It was a very interactive informative course, suitable for all styles of learners. The tutors were so passionate about Peep, it was lovely to hear. I really enjoyed doing it over Zoom.'  Joanne, Family support worker, West Berkshire
  • 'Over the years I have attended many training events, however this is the first training that really values and concentrates on the parents involvement, knowledge and achievements. The LTP has really inspired me to look at the ways in which I can build relationships with parents and families to make a positive difference to the families I work with.'  Louise, Community nursery nurse - health visiting, Oxfordshire 

Would you recommend this training course to other practitioners?

  • 'Yes, as approaching parents regarding how they can help at home can be daunting and Peep training has made me realise it isn't. The training has been very inspiring.' Tracey, Team Leader/SENDco, Lincolnshire
  • 'Totally! It is of huge value and will be hugely empowering.' Louise, Infant School EY Lead, Hampshire 
  • 'Definitely - fun programme, lots to think about and different ways to engage with parents and their children.' Parenting Support Practitioner, Luton 
  • 'Peep is a really do-able programme and can run alongside other projects already in our strategic plan.' Senior Early Childhood Educator, Stirling 
  • 'Yes, I think parent understanding is crucial in them interacting more with their children. Very practical and great toolkit.' Homestart Co-ordinator, Stirling 

Did the course strengthen your skills, knowledge and understanding in supporting parents with their children's learning?

  • 'It gave a good clear structure to help parents understand and value how their children learn, in a fun but meaningful way.' Kathryn, Preschool Manager/ SENco, Lincolnshire
  • 'I feel that after these two days I have the confidence to go away and share this with my parents - giving them support and sharing ideas.' Donna, Childminder, Lincolnshire
  • 'Yes, I have learnt many useful strategies to support parents and children.' Support Worker, Luton 
  • 'Yes, excellent opportunity to enhance skills, share good practice and network. Feeling very uplifted and excited about running sessions with current Play and Stay parents.' Family Team Leader, Luton 
  • 'Yes, really interesting course, enthusiastic and passionate trainers. Feel full of confidence now and keen to get started. There are no negatives to this training!' Sara, Senior Early Childhood Educator, Stirling

Recommendations from practitioners after they have started delivering Peep with families:

  • 'As a practitioner it provides everything you need (including the website) to deliver programmes. As a parent it is a fun, inclusive and educational opportunity to participate in a group activity with your child.' Tracy, Classroom assistant, South Ayrshire
  • 'Brilliant programme and parents really enjoy doing the sessions.' Lisa, Children's Centre Senior Practitioner, Cambridgeshire
  • 'I can see impact on families, developing relationships, understanding how their child develops accelerated progress towards early learning goals (ELGs). Parents say they enjoy working with the class teacher in this way.' Gill, Reception unit leader, Southampton
  • 'Great for building confidence in the person delivering Peep sessions, as well as to families. Great for parent to pick up tips and hints to help understand children's learning and development.' Lynda, Nursery Nurse, South Ayrshire
  • 'Great having so many resources on hand and I love the research articles and handouts for parents.' Sue, Children's Centre practitioner, Merseyside
  • 'It takes the emphasis away from 'formal' learning, which can overwhelm parents. By focusing on relationships and every day learning opportunities, parents go home feeling empowered.' Naomi, Outreach worker, Warwickshire
  • 'It's inclusive and doesn't preach to parents, making it more accessible. Parents appreciate that the activities are easy to do and they don't need to go and buy expensive resources.' Nursery nurse, West Lothian
  • 'It's such a unique programme that is non-threatening which compliments everyday life as a parent/carer.' Marion, Family Support worker