funding Peep training and delivery

Government funding is available across the UK to provide focused support for young children, particularly those who are eligible for free school meals (or equivalent), to help close the attainment gap. All Peep Training courses will increase practitioners’ confidence, knowledge and skills in working with parents (as well as children) to support the home learning environment and improve children's outcomes.

In England, some funding is via the Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP). This is additional Department for Education (DfE) funding for early years settings in England, to improve the education they provide for 3- and 4-year-olds who are eligible for free school meals (or equivalent).  Local guidance is provided on each county council's website. It is up to each setting how you spend the money - it can benefit all children in the setting but has to have a main focus on the needs of the EYPP children. 

DfE research indicates the main ways in which Early Years providers have been using the funding: to support communication and language, personal social and emotional development (PSED), literacy and numeracy, and/or physical development and outdoor play. They are doing this through additional staff time for EYPP children, buying resources, staff training, and engaging parents to support home learning. 

In Wales, the equivalent funding is via the Early Years Pupil Development Grant (EYPDG). The guidance explains that the main purpose of the funding is to improve the quality of settings/ classrooms and teaching, and that ways of doing this include: training and supporting staff on the importance and role of family engagement; making home links to encourage activities to support early language and numeracy skills, or developing children’s independence skills, self-regulation, healthy eating etc; and developing partnerships with parents/carers, families and communities.

The government is also funding the Family Hubs and Start for Life programme in 75 local authorities in England - you can read more about how Peep can support the work of Family Hubs and the home learning environment.

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