who can deliver peep programmes and training?

Peep programmes can only be delivered by practitioners who have attended the relevant training course: Peep Learning Together Programme Training, Peep Progression Pathway Training or Peep Antenatal Programme Training.

We ask all training delegates (i.e. Peep practitioners) to sign an agreement that they will only share the programme with families involved in the programme and/or with practitioners who have completed the current Peep Training (i.e. since Feb 2015), and that they will not train other practitioners.

This helps us to protect and maintain the quality and integrity of the Peep programmes and delivery, by ensuring that everyone using the programme/s:

  • is trained to the same standard
  • uses the programme materials appropriately in their delivery
  • includes all of the necessary elements that make the programme effective.

who can train practitioners to use peep programmes?

Peep practitioner training can only be delivered by Peep Tainers who have been inducted and approved by Peeple. We continuously quality assure our Peep training delivery; we don’t have a cascade model of training (i.e. Peep practitioners can't train other practitioners). 

Local authorities or large organisations may benefit from having their own Peep trainers, as part of a Peep Training and Support Agreement. Please contact us to discuss this further.

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