who can deliver peep programmes and training?

Peep programmes can only be delivered by practitioners* who have attended the relevant training course: Peep Learning Together Programme Training, Peep Progression Pathway Training or Peep Antenatal Programme Training.

[ * By 'practitioner' we mean anyone who works with or supports families, whether in a paid or voluntary capacity. See below re charging for Peep.]

We ask all training delegates (i.e. Peep practitioners) to sign an agreement that they will only share the programme with families involved in the programme and/or with practitioners who have completed the current Peep Training (i.e. since Feb 2015), and that they will not train other practitioners.

This helps us to protect and maintain the quality and integrity of the Peep programmes and delivery, by ensuring that everyone using the programme/s:

  • is trained to the same standard
  • uses the programme materials appropriately in their delivery
  • includes all of the necessary elements that make the programme effective.


who can train practitioners to use peep programmes?

Peep practitioner training can only be delivered by Peep Trainers who have been inducted and approved by Peeple. We continuously quality assure our Peep training delivery; we don’t have a cascade model of training (i.e. Peep practitioners can't train other practitioners). 

Local authorities or large organisations may benefit from having their own Peep trainers, as part of a Peep Training and Support Agreement. Please contact us to discuss this further.


can practitioners charge families to attend Peep sessions?

Peeple is a charity, and we always intended that Peep Learning Together sessions should be free to families. We don’t want any families to be excluded because of cost. Most Peep-trained practitioners are employed within the public or voluntary sectors, but there have been many cuts over the years, especially to free, universal provision for families.

Not surprisingly, we are sometimes asked if Peep-trained practitioners can charge families to attend, on a not-for-profit basis. We ask that you look for other sources of funding first. We understand though that you may need to put together a sensitive, voluntary charging plan, which would enable those unable to pay to still access sessions.

We have also had a few enquiries from practitioners who want to offer Peep Learning Together sessions to families on a self-employed basis (i.e. charging families). We do not currently have a licensing model (which would be in keeping with our charitable aims, ensure quality and fulfil legal requirements) but will be exploring that. For now, we recommend that you contact local organisations, to see if they will either fund you to deliver Peep sessions for them on a sessional basis (i.e. paid per session) or on a voluntary basis. This could be via your local authority (e.g. children's or family centres, libraries, schools or early years settings, etc) or a local charity (e.g. HomeStart). If this isn't possible and you'd like to informally pilot charging for sessions, then do please contact us, and we can discuss maintaining quality, being inclusive for families on lower incomes, support needs and feedback, etc.

Please let us know if you’d like us to update you on any changes in the future, and do get in touch with any questions.

Email  support@peeple.org.uk  or  tel 01865 397970