post-course delivery support

During the 2-day Learning Together Programme Training, we cover the why, what and how of delivering the programme, and discuss practitioners’ individual questions. We’re proud of how positive the feedback is from delegates, and are grateful to them and our trainers for their enthusiastic participation:

“Excellent course, I feel I learned a lot, going away feeling more confident. I would recommend it to anyone working in any environment with children and families.” Jodi, Early Years Practitioner, Braehead Primary School

Practitioners come with a range of knowledge, experience and skills, which the Peep training and programmes value and build on - and a shared need to do more in less time...

You can use our online support (included in the training price) or book in-house implementation/ delivery support sessions or refresher training - read more below:

Website (including log-in areas) and Newsletters for practitioners and managers:

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Website: As well as providing downloadable practitioner and parent resources (session plans, parent handouts etc), our practitioner log-in areas contain guidance on getting going with Peep delivery in a range of contexts. We also share case studies on our 'public' webpages, illustrating different ways that the Programme is being used.

We have two e-newsletters, sent alternately every few weeks. We automatically add Peep-trained practitioners and managers to both lists, as part of our post-course support, but you can unsubscribe at any time from the bottom of the newsletter.
Peep Postings is for Peep-trained practitioners and their managers, focusing mainly on ideas and updates that support your Peep delivery. Our Peeple Newsletter focuses more generally on working with families to support the home learning environment, and anyone can sign up.

Access to both the log-in website and the newsletters is included in the price of LTP and Antenatal training. 

Post-course delivery support sessions &/or refresher training:

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The experience of our own practitioners and the many we’ve trained around the UK and beyond – not to mention thousands of Peep families – tells us that the LTP is engaging, easy to use and makes a real difference to parents' understanding about how to help their child’s development. 

"Peep is great for building confidence in the person delivering Peep sessions as well as service users. Great for parent to pick up tips and hints to help understand children's learning and development." [Lynda, Nursery nurse, South Ayrshire, feedback 3 years after LTP training]

“Peep’s an easy way for parents to enjoy their child's learning, and for them to see the benefits of what they are already doing, and what else they can do.” [Linda, Senior family support worker, Hampshire]

However, when people get back to work they'll have additional questions, which will vary depending on their level of experience, confidence and knowledge in working with parents and children together, the sector they work in, the families they work with, etc. You’re welcome to phone us with quick questions.

You can also book implementation/ delivery support session/s with one of our trainers/mentors, which we'll tailor to the needs of your staff. These can be held online (eg via Zoom or MS Teams) or in person. They can be useful soon after training, to help practitioners get going, or as a follow-up/ refresher a few months later. Either way, they contribute to practitioners' CPD and help quality assure programme delivery.

Delivery support sessions fast-track and can extend what practitioners would learn for themselves, drawing on the trainers' in-depth Peep knowledge and experience to help deal with any challenges or questions. You might have a question about recruiting or engaging families, or managing a session with parents and children together - especially if you're used to working with just parents or just children, and are suddenly faced with a bunch of roaming two year olds and very quiet or very talkative parents...!  Whatever your questions, there's a very good chance we will have come across them before, and will be able to discuss some useful approaches with you.

Contact us on 01865 397976 or to discuss potential content and costs.

Peep co-ordinators:

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Some organisations and local authorities have their own Peep co-ordinators or 'champions' who can provide on-going support to colleagues as part of their role. In our log-in Members Area we've provided some tips on establishing this, drawing on the experience of those already doing it.

Social media (even if you're not really a social media user!):

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We share regular tips, ideas, links and updates (for parents as well as practitioners) via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook - and use the hashtag #PeepTips, to make them easier to find. We also love to hear about what parents and practitioners are doing. There’s absolutely no pressure to include identifiable photos of children. Social media gets a bad press sometimes, but it also has lots of supportive communities - such as our @PeepleCentre pages - especially helpful for anyone who is feeling isolated. 

We also have a closed Facebook group for Peep LTP Practitioners, where you can share questions, experiences and tips about sharing Peep with families: