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Peep practitioners cover a lot during our 2-day Learning Together Programme training, but it’s invaluable to have opportunities to share questions and practical tips with other Peep practitioners, when you’re doing Peep in ‘real life’, after the training.

Here are 5 types of Peep delivery support included in the training price – more info about them all in our log-in Members Area or contact us, and we look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon!

1  Website - with log-in areas for practitioners

As well as providing access to the whole programme (74 child development topics, session plans, parent handouts, etc), our log-in areas contain guidance on getting going with Peep delivery in a range of contexts. We also share case studies on our 'public' webpages, illustrating different ways that the Programme can be used.

2  Peep Champions: network meetings 

Organisations and local authorities often have their own 'Peep champion(s)' – someone who has a real commitment to supporting colleagues with their Peep delivery, and works with managers to have a Peep overview and take things forward within the organisation/ LA. This can really help you make the most of the Peep Training and Programme in supporting local families. These regular meetings will provide an opportunity to share questions and ideas.

3  Newsletters for practitioners and managers

'Peep Postings' is for Peep-trained practitioners and their managers, focusing mainly on ideas and updates that support your Peep delivery. Our 'Peeple Newsletter' focuses more generally on working with families to support the home learning environment, and anyone can sign up. We automatically add Peep-trained practitioners and managers to both lists, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

4  Peep practitioner Facebook group and social media

We have a closed Facebook group for Peep LTP Practitioners, for sharing questions, experiences and tips about using Peep with families: 

We also post regular tips, ideas, links and updates (for parents as well as practitioners) via TwitterInstagram and Facebook, all @PeepleCentre, which practitioners are welcome to re-post on your local social media pages. We love to hear about what families and practitioners are doing, and you're welcome to tag us. 

5  Info briefing for managers

If you'd like a discussion with us any time about how you and your colleagues can make the most of Peep programmes within your organisation or local authority - maybe by finding our more about the different ways that your staff could use the programme or supporting practitioners who haven't used Peep for a while, or about using Peep across your local authority (potentially with a Peep Training and Support Agreement), then do get in touch or find out more about info briefings for managers.

Contact us with any other questions by phone:  01865 397970  or  email:   or

Bespoke post-course delivery support sessions &/or refresher training: 

You can also book your own tailored implementation/ delivery support session/s with one of our trainers/mentors. These fast-track and can extend what practitioners would learn for themselves, drawing on the mentor’s in-depth Peep knowledge and experience to help deal with any challenges or questions. They can be held online (e.g. via Microsoft Teams) or in person. They help quality assure programme delivery and can be useful soon after training to help practitioners get going, or as a follow-up/ refresher a few months or years later. Get in touch to discuss potential content and costs.
Our other Peep training courses focus on our Antenatal Programme, Peep Progression Pathway (parent qualifications), and early communication.

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“Peep’s an easy way for parents to enjoy their child's learning, and for them to see the benefits of what they are already doing, and what else they can do.” [Linda, Senior family support worker and experienced Peep practitioner, Hampshire]

"Peep is great for building confidence in the person delivering Peep sessions as well as service users. Great for parents to pick up tips and hints to help understand children's learning and development." [Lynda, Nursery nurse, South Ayrshire, feedback 3 years after LTP training]