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Are you thinking about how Peep programmes might benefit your organisation and local families? 

Our video provides an overview about using Peep programmes in your organisation, and you'll hear from Peep families, practitioners, managers and commissioners:

We'd also be very happy to meet you and your decision-making colleagues online or face-to-face, to give you an overview and discuss your questions, including how Peep programmes can:

  • enhance secure attachment and relationships, children's early social-emotional, cognitive and physical development, and their transitions and school readiness,
  • build parenting capacity and confidence to strengthen the home learning environment, recognising and valuing what they already do,
  • be used flexibly in any targeted and/or universal provision, from pregnancy to five,
  • contribute to a multi-agency approach of identifying, engaging and working with families.

You can read more about how the Peep Learning Together Programme supports the home learning environment.

Peep Learning Together Programme Training includes post-course delivery support: online access to the whole programme, a 'Peep champions' network, newsletters and a practitioner facebook group, for asking questions and sharing tips and ideas with other practitioners. 

> Contact us on 01865 397970  or  email:  with any questions, or to arrange a free information briefing.  

We also hold regular free hour-long information sessions for practitioners or managers who want to find out more about the following - please click the links for forthcoming dates:

>  Practitioner Accreditation

>  Peep Progression Pathway - parent qualifications

Making the most of Peep in your organisation or local authority:

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Based on feedback over the years, Peep programmes work best when managers and practitioners:

~  understand the nature and purpose of Peep programmes and delivery 

~  consider and discuss (early on) why and how they'll use the Peep programme 

~  use the log-in Members Area for the programme's Key Ideas, Topics, Session plans, Parent handouts etc.

~  support and/or have time to plan, deliver, review and follow-up Peep work  

~  are occasionally observed by a Peep colleague and/or observe Peep delivery (as a critical friend)

~  sometimes meet with other Peep practitioners to plan and review, and/or share questions, ideas, challenges and good practice (within the organisation or more widely, as with the free online 'Peep in Practice' sessions open to all Peep practitioners)

~  make links with other disciplines to support Peep delivery, e.g. community learning, early years, family services, health, voluntary sector, schools and settings.

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“Peep is an essential part of the inclusive provision for parents at the centre - it builds parental confidence, introduces early learning and supports forming networks of support.” Peep manager

"Professionals and Peep facilitators have noticed how effective Peep groups have been in accessing families that have previously been perceived to be ‘hard to reach’. Luton continues to value the training opportunities, accreditation support and advice they have received from Peep and value the positive partnership that has developed over the last eight years."   Family support co-ordinator in Luton