in-house training

Benefits of holding training in your own area:

An opportunity to focus on your local priorities, with the relevant people attending to facilitate a joined-up approach – Peep programmes are effectively used by professionals across early years, family support, health, education, childcare and adult learning.

Managers can join in for part of the course, gaining more practical understanding of the programme and discussing with delegates how you envision the Peep programme being used locally.

Save travel and accommodation time and money, and more convenient for staff.

We train 14–20 people on a course. If you don’t have 14+ people to be trained (from your and/or other local organisations), we can help to promote it more widely.

We ask you to provide a training room and refreshments for the day/ two consecutive days.

If you would like to pay from this year’s budget but can’t fit the training in until after Easter, we can pre-invoice you or you can buy a Peep voucher which you can spend at any time in the next two years.

Contact us to find out more: contact our Training Manager, on 01865 397974 or