peep in Australia

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Our Peep partnership organisation in Australia is Playgroup Victoria. They have an exclusive licence with us to train practitioners to use the Peep Learning Together Programme in Australia. 

Forthcoming dates for Peep training in Australia - click here to find out more or to book places via their website

Playgroups, both universal and targeted, are a key service for families with babies and young children in Australia. They promote play as central to children’s development and help parents to develop individual strengths, parenting skills and to integrate with their community.

Playgroup Victoria*, based in Melbourne, is a not-for-profit organisation committed to helping all Victorian families discover the benefits of playgroup. They advocate for the benefits of play for young children and provide support for communities and families wanting to start and run a playgroup. They gather evidence to influence policy makers of the vital role that playgroups play in creating and sustaining cohesive, supportive communities and in giving children the best possible start in life. 

In 2022-23 a hundred more Peep practitioners were trained. The Peep programme is now being used in every state and territory in Australia.

Claire Georgiou is Peep National Manager for Playgroup Victoria. Claire has several years’ experience in delivering the Learning Together Programme with families, and delivering Peep training to practitioners.

Danny Schwarz, CEO of Playgroup Victoria: "Playgroup Victoria welcomes the opportunity to become the Australian Licensee for the Peep Learning Together Programme. The values and purpose of Playgroup Victoria focus on the benefits derived by children's and parents’ participation in play-based experiential opportunities and learning. Our partnership with Peeple will have significant and positive impacts for the lives of Australian children and their families."

Dr Sally Smith, CEO of Peeple:  "Playgroup Victoria is the ideal custodian for the Peep Learning Together Programme in Australia. We have enjoyed a positive working relationship with them over the past three years, and established that the principles behind our organisations are beautifully aligned. We look forward to contributing to their development of Peep in Australia – and learning a great deal together in the process."

To find out more or to book Peep training in Australia, please contact: Claire Georgiou, Australia's Peep National Manager – email  or  tel  0488 600 190