'play and learn with your baby' book

Play and learn with your baby bookWe've been working with CBeebies' 'The Baby Club' and DK to produce a book for parents based on the the kinds of activity seen on the TV show. Our CEO Sally Smith was Consultant Editor on the book: 'Play and learn with your baby - simple activities with amazing benefits'. There are lots of ideas from the Peep Learning Together Programme, including short explanations of why the activities are so helpful for babies' development.

The book's full of bite-sized activities for exploring everyday household objects. Day-to-day tasks such as making meals, sorting the washing or tidying up don't disappear sadly, just because we have a baby to care for. But the kinds of activity in this book can fit around or even within those tasks. And whether you're playing a game together, or watching your baby exploring the object themselves, the bonus is that they're learning lots as they do it! 

Each time your baby sees, smells, touches, hears or tastes something new, vital connections are formed in their brain. The book includes suggestions to help your baby notice and learn from the world around them. There are also tips on sharing songs and stories, as well as play ideas such as 'what's in the bag?'. 

The Baby Club presenter Nigel Clarke wrote the foreward, in which he explains how his Peep practitioner training "highlighted how everyday activities are great opporutnities for a baby to learn, without the need for expensive toys - there's a world of discovery in everyday items and simple toys... That's why this book is so useful.... When you understand the potential behind the simplest of activities, you start to see how every task, meal, changing session or buggy ride becomes an opportunity to bond, encourage or aid your baby's understanding of the world." 

The book was released on 6 February 2020, published by DK, and you can buy it here. Have fun playing and learning together!