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Chief Executive Officer: Sally Smith

Sally leads the staff team, develops collaborative relationships with others working in our sector, and is responsible for the strategic direction and financial management of Peeple. She has been CEO since 2011 and has worked for the organisation since 2006. Sally has a background in research, including at the Department of Education at the University of Oxford. Her doctoral thesis was about the origins and uses of the ORIM framework (which underpins the Peep Learning Together Programme).
sally.smith@peeple.org.uk    t 01865 395145   twitter: @Peeple_Sally 

Finance and Human Resources Manager: Janet Sly
Janet manages our finance, legal and HR functions, overseeing financial planning and monitoring systems. Janet has worked at Peeple for fifteen years. She has an MA in Human Resources Management, and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (MCIPD). Her previous work includes human resources, training and development work at Oxfam.
janet.sly@peeple.org.uk  t 01865 397978

peep training, support and accreditation

Training and Accreditation Manager: Liz Ersoy
Liz is responsible for the development, delivery, quality assurance and accreditation of Peep training and delivery support in the UK, Ireland and Australia. She worked within early learning, family support, staff training and management in Edinburgh for many years. Liz became Peeple's Training and Accreditation Manager in autumn 2021, after several years as a freelance Peep trainer, before becoming Peep Policy Officer in 2019, and Family Learning Scotland manager the following year. 
liz.ersoy@peeple.org.uk   m 07483 119 866

Qualifications Manager (Scotland): Laura Niven
Laura leads on the Peep Progression Pathway qualification units for parents, and the Peep Learning Together Programme Training accreditation for practitioners. Her background is in early education, working in nurseries and nannying for several years before spending eight years as a Lecturer of Early Learning and Childcare, during which time she discovered her passion for all things Peeple and Peep!

Communications and Marketing Manager: Charlotte Holmes
Charlotte is responsible for communications which support the delivery of Peep programmes, including the Peeple website and digital media, and for marketing Peep training. She has worked in various roles at Peeple over the past fifteen years, and has a background in psychology, literacy and education.
charlotte.holmes@peeple.org.uk  t 01865 397976    twitter: @PeepleCharlotte

Project Manager - STEM: Katy Baker
Katy leads on our project supporting the foundations of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).  She has worked in various roles at Peeple over the past thirteen years, and has a background in community learning and development, early years education, and adult and family learning.
katy.baker@peeple.org.uk  m 07825 775459  

Training Administrators, Officers and Trainers
Our training administrators help ensure the smooth organisation of Peep training and of both parent and practitioner accreditation:
training@peeple.org.uk  t 01865 397970

Our project officers support the development of our training, support and communications: 
support@peeple.org.uk      Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - all @PeepleCentre

We have a network of trainers based around the UK and Ireland who work for Peeple on a sessional basis. Our trainers are experienced in working with families, and in using the Peep Learning Together Programme. Several of our trainers also co-ordinate delivery of the Programme within their local authority area, and deliver the training locally within a Peep Training and Support Agreement.  

peep delivery, services and childcare in Oxfordshire

Project Manager - Oxfordshire delivery: Helen Stroudley
​Helen manages local Peep delivery with families, including with health, education, foster care and community services. Her role includes being the educational consultant for CBeebies' The Baby Club and The Toddler Club, and Moonbug's Little Baby Bum.  Helen has delivered Peep programmes and training for over twenty years, and has previous experience as a nursery nurse (NNEB) in the private and state sectors. 
helen.stroudley@peeple.org.uk    t 01865 397971

Early Education and Childcare Manager (Oxfordshire): Lindsey Hart
Lindsey manages our Little Peeple Nursery in Littlemore, Oxford. She is an experienced NNEB and has set up and managed day nurseries at the local school and FE college, where she also lectured in Childcare and Education. Since joining Peeple in 2009, Lindsey has managed the Red Kite Children’s Centre in Thame and completed her NPQICL. 
lindsey.hart@peeple.org.uk  t 01865 397972

Administrators and Practitioners
At the Peeple Centre, we have a team of experienced administrators and Peep practitioners who work with local families and settings in and around Oxford, including in our Little Peeple Nursery. 
families@peeple.org.uk   t 01865 395145

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