peep or peeple?


Peeple is the name of our organisation (i.e. the charity); Peep is the name of our programmes (see below).

Peeple is used when we refer to who we are and what we do (e.g. ‘Peeple is a charity which supports parents and children to learn together’) and how we work (e.g. ‘Peeple is guided by a set of principles that underpin our work’).

Originally Peep stood for Peers Early Education Partnership (the Peers catchment area in Oxford is where we started) then Parents Early Education Partnership. As we now use the names Peep and Peeple on their own, Peep is no longer written in block capitals.

The Peeple Centre 

The Peeple Centre is our head office in south Oxford. We also have Peeple staff based in Scotland.

Little Peeple Nursery

Our nursery in Oxford is next to the Peeple Centre.

Peep Learning Limited (PLL)

Peep Learning Limited is the trading subsidiary of Peeple. It sells training and resources on behalf of Peeple. It can be abbreviated to PLL.


Peep programmes

All our programmes (that we deliver to families, or train practitioners to use) are Peep programmes.

Peep Learning Together Programme

The most established of our programmes is the Peep Learning Together Programme. It is often called ‘Peep’ by families and practitioners to describe how it is delivered – e.g. a Peep group or session, Peep stay and play or Peep home visits.

Other Peep Programmes

We also have a Peep Antenatal Programme and a Peep Progression Pathway, which offers qualification units to parents/carers, based on their involvement with the Peep Learning Together Programme.

Peep logo and strapline

Trained practitioners delivering the revised Peep Learning Together Programme use the Peep logo on any publicity or materials that are produced.  Our strapline – ‘supporting parents and children to learn together’ - accompanies both Peep and Peeple logos, and provides a quick and simple description of what the organisation and our programmes do.