programme and website contributors

peep learning together programme

The Peep Learning Together Programme is the result of 20 years of research, practice and reflection.  It has been created from the original programme written by Rosemary Roberts, Alison Street and others. The Programme is underpinned by the ORIM framework which was developed by Peter Hannon and Cathy Nutbrown at the University of Sheffield. Other contributors include (in alphabetical order):


  • Katy Baker; practitioner and trainer, and lead author of the programme
  • Carly Glover; accreditation coordinator
  • Charlotte Holmes; communications manager
  • Marie Mackenzie; training manager
  • Louise Radford; practitioner and trainer
  • Debbie Rudman; practitioner and trainer
  • Sally Smith; chief executive officer


  • Kathy Brodie; early years consultant
  • Julie Cigman; early years consultant
  • Franks and Franks; designers
  • Debi Maskell-Graham; training consultant

Thank you also to other Peeple staff, trustees and members of our network of trainers, practitioners and managers (past and current) who have all contributed in different, but highly valuable, ways to the development of the programme, accreditation and training.  These include: Nuzhat Abbas, Jo Aitkenhead, Jacqui Bain, Allison Collier, Sharon Clarke, Lisa Clissett, Sharyn Crombie, Moyna de Sélincourt, Amanda Godsell, Carol Gotheridge, Helen Griffiths, Jo Hammick, Lindsey Hart, Elina Helinius, Lisse Honeyman, Emma Hrubiak, Emma Jamieson, Alison Laing, Zoe Maré, Jill Mennie, Sue Prosser, Collette Pye, Soozin Rogers, Julia Shay, Ronnie Sinclair, Janet Sly, Paula Stallard, Christine Steer, Helen Stroudley, Catherine Thomas, Alison Wales

We are particularly grateful to all the parents, carers and children who we have worked with over the last 20 years – and from whom we have learnt so much.


Our website shares ideas and information that all of the above folk have contributed to, which have been written and shaped in a (hopefully!) helpful way by us here at Peeple.

As well as the above we'd like to thank:

  • our website designer Franks and Franks, verbal identity/writing consultant John Simmons and website developer Olamalu
  • photographer David Fisher and all the Peep families who gave up their time and allowed us to use their photos, either attending a photoshoot at David's studio and/or being photographed by him at our pre-school, along with the Sutton Trust photographer and Peep families who were photographed at a Peep group. (Occasionally other photos have been used, which have been credited to Getty Images, Bigstock or Cartoonstock as applicable.)