Learning Together Programme folder

Programme folder (updated)

If you have completed the Peep Learning Together Programme Training, you can:

- access the Learning Together Programme in the log-in Members Area
- opt to buy this Programme folder, so that you have a printed copy for easy reference.

The Programme Folder contains all 74 topics covering the five strands of learning which are at the heart of our Learning Together Programme. It also includes three ‘maps’ to help with your planning – a strand map, a developmental stage map, and a topic aims map.

Each topic has four or five illustrated A4 pages, with:

- topic aims and key ideas about child development,
- guidance about different ways of facilitating talk time, putting ORIM (opportunities, recognition, interaction and modelling) into action, and sharing relevant songs, stories and things to try at home - with parents, carers and children.

The topics are printed on thick 150gsm paper and are hole-punched, so they are easy to use when planning Peep sessions.

Learning Together Programme Folder:  £85.00 each + delivery

You can now shop online (OR complete and return our downloadable Resources Order form). 

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