Stories and Songs in Punjabi and Urdu: booklet/ MP3/ CD

Stories and songs in Punjabi and Urdu

These stories and songs are for young children and their families. They are based on traditional folk songs, lullabies and stories, collected and re-told by Nuzhat Abbas, inspired by families known through her work with Peeple. The stories and song are written in Shahmukhi (a script used in Pakistan) and English, and sung and told on the CD/ MP3 in Punjabi or Urdu. The book and CD contains three stories in Punjabi and three in Urdu, each followed by a song inspired by the story. The book contains a link for downloading the stories and songs as an MP3. 

Hearing stories and songs in our mother tongue is important for our language development and for building strong relationships with those close to us. Nuzhat is a well-known singer, writer, storyteller and Peep practitioner, awarded an honour by the University of Lahore for her work in promoting the Punjabi language. 

> Listen to the story The bell around the cat's neck (Punjabi story). 'Sometimes small people have big ideas...'

> Listen to the song Lullaby (Urdu lullaby)

> Stories and songs in Urdu and Punjabi story book/CD Tracklist

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