sharing Peeple resources - copyright

Since the Coronavirus social distancing, it's been great to hear about all the online Peep-type sessions happening with families. We've been asked by a few people what this means re sharing Peeple songs or stories, so here's an overview:

If you’re making a social media post

...using a book or song copyrighted to Peeple  we’d appreciate it if you acknowledge:

‘This is the Peep book ‘Peep paints his room’ by Lisse Honeyman & Katherine Groves’   
‘This [X] song/rhyme is a Peep song from their Singing Together songbook/CD’

The Peeple copyrighted songs, all by Alison Street, are:  A little mouse sat on my chair  ~   Alphabet song  ~   Baby band (words only)  ~   Bed for baby  ~   Bicycle song  ~   Engine song  ~   Eyes to see  ~   Goodnight  ~   Here comes a spider  ~  I’m floating  ~  I’ve got one nose  ~  Little red bus (words only)  ~  Look what I can do  ~  One little finger  ~  Peep-o  ~  Popping on your vest (words only)  ~  Pull up pull up the turnip  ~  Roll the dough  ~  Sit down here  ~  Stroking baby’s cheek  ~  We are going to the seaside in a train (words only)  ~  What shall we do baby?  ~  Who’s that?

If you're using non-Peeple-copyright audio-recordings  from a Peeple CD please acknowledge:

  • ‘Recordings of [e.g. Incy Wincy spider] are reproduced from the Singing Together 1 CD by permission of Peeple.’

If you're using non-Peeple-copyright lyrics  from a Peeple songbook/CD:

  • Peeple has obtained copyright permission for some of the songs as listed in the acknowledgements page in the back of the Singing Together books. If you want to reproduce these lyrics you will need to approach the rights holder to obtain permission.
  • The words to the songs not  listed on the acknowledgements page are to the best of our knowledge in the public domain, and can be reproduced freely.
  • Permission to use recordings  needs to be obtained from the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society for which there is usually a small fee if they are not in the public domain. (Peeple songs are not registered with MCPS.)

If you are producing a CD/MP3 or equivalent

...and want to use songs (audio and/or lyrics) from any of Peeple’s Singing Together Songbooks/CD/MP3 that are copyrighted to Peeple (see list above) – please contact us at with the following information, and we will email you back to confirm permission and acknowledgement wording:

  • Your name and/or Organisation name
  • Name/s of the tracks/lyrics/story you would like to reproduce
  • Your target audience/customers – e.g. local families that you work with or for sale on the open market.

We hope that this helps. Please get in touch with any other questions: