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Song bands

song band in action

Our lovely songband-maker Jan has now hung up her needle and thread and retired, so we will no longer be selling songbands/ scrunchies directly.  However, we still recommend using one - a songband can support a range of movement songs, such as 'Row row row your boat' or 'Here we go... up and down'. They are also useful for drawing children and adults into group activities - including those who aren't keen on holding hands, but can hold the songband instead. 

You could make your own songband (elastic within gathered fabric or even old socks with the toes cut off then sewn together if you'd like a good use for your odd socks!).

> If you're not feeling quite that creative you can of course buy one - the nearest we found to ours are from Cullercraft, also hand-made in the UK, and with a range of sizes.