Intergenerational Peep: Aberdeen

Intergenerational Peep in a day centre or care home for older people is like a typical Peep group but with icing on top – all the usual fun and learning benefits for children, parents, carers and practitioners, but with an extra layer of local older participants. Here’s an insight from Peep practitioners in Aberdeen:

"Peep Aberdeen recognised the opportunity of coming together with the older adults in our communities and the benefits intergeneration Peep could have for the participants. We partnered up with Bon-Accord Care to create an age inclusive Peep group whereby toddlers and older adults alike can make social connections to enhance their well‑being and self-confidence.

The group has been running with great success for the past six weeks. Over this time we have explored a range of topics from our Peep Learning Together programme including Musical interactions and Balance and co-ordination. We celebrated Valentine’s Day and Burns Night with some crafts which everyone enjoyed. Most recently we practised our balance and co-ordination, walking along the balance beam and throwing beanbags into the box. Both children and adults showed fantastic support and encouragement to one another during the activities.

During each session we share lots of songs, including classic nursery rhymes our older adults remember from their own childhood.

Following our busy activities, we gather around and listen to a story, which one of our older friends enjoys reading to everyone."

'Love the group, it's great for the community' - parent

'I have had a great day, I am so happy to see the children' - older adult

'So nice to see children interacting with the older generation' - parent

'Coming together singing familiar songs is my favourite bit' - older adult

'We adore our intergenerational Peep group! It's by far our favourite group of the week. My daughter is very sociable but she has come on leaps and bounds since attending Peep. She gets to play and chat with her friends and so do us mums, it's just great. I enjoy my cup of tea with the residents after the class and it feels like I’m having a catch up with friends. We would come everyday if we could.' - parent

“Intergenerational practice is inclusive, building on the positive resources that the younger and older persons have to offer to each other and those around them.” 
Beth Johnson Foundation (a charity dedicated to making the UK age-friendly)