multi-agency Peep - health & community learning

pregnancy to babyhood: multi-agency work with Health (midwives and health visitors), Community learning & development workers (CLDs) and Voluntary sector workers

“The Health Literacy Project and Bump Start work with women with support needs, as identified by a midwife or health visitor. This might include having had children on the child protection register, housing issues, isolation or a history of domestic violence.

We work with women on a one-to-one basis, encouraging and accompanying them to use the following services, as appropriate:

Bump Start Pregnancy Café – which provides antenatal education, nutritional inputs and information on what’s available in the community, peer support and peer mentoring.

Bump to Buggy group - which continues to develop self-esteem and raise awareness of other community support, including looking at future options and choices.

Peep course with SQA accreditation - this is an ideal step back into learning for the mums. Over several months we cover topics including brain development, stages of development and how babies learn through play. To have an opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained through being a parent reinforces good parenting skills, and helps them gain more confidence. The mums are able to gain a qualification in a nurturing environment – many have had a negative experience of school. It is an ideal spring board into considering future educational or employment options.”

Jacqui Bain, Health Literacy Project, Community Learning and Development worker and Peep practitioner   t 0131 554 9951