from peep parent to peep leader in Midlothian

Peep delivery has been happening in Midlothian since 2005. During that time, many Peep parents have completed Peep Progression Pathway accreditation, gone on to further education and/or trained to become Peep practitioners/ leaders themselves. Here are three of the most recent parents to do so, talking about their experience of Peep as a parent, and their next steps: 

Kim Vass:  “A friend told me about Peep and I started taking my little boy along to a group. We both really enjoyed the activities and I know that Peep made a positive difference to our lives. I’m a mum to three and have always enjoyed playing with them but at the group I learned so much about how important I am as my child's first educator and the importance of play at home. I am more in tune with my little boy and what helps him learn. Since going to Peep everyone at home takes it in turn to read a bedtime story to our youngest child.

The Peep Learning Together Programme training for practitioners was suggested to me by my Peep leader. I undertook the training and have been voluntarily delivering Peep groups to build my confidence and experience in working with children and families. Attending the training was a fantastic experience for me. I found a new enthusiasm for learning which motivated me to complete a National Certificate in Childhood Practice and am currently working towards my Higher National Certificate in Childhood Practice.

When I graduate, I would like to work as a Childcare and Development Worker and would possibly like to continue studying to complete the Level 8 course. I feel really proud of myself and what I have achieved through attending Peep. I'm on my way to starting a new career and making a real difference to children's lives, enhancing and supporting their learning experiences.”

Update:  Kim has now graduated and successfully gained employment as a Childcare and Development Worker in an Early Learning and Childcare setting in Midlothian. Congratulations Kim!!

Claire Philip:  "I saw a poster advertising Peep at my little girl's nursery when she was 3 years old so we went along to the group and as a result so much has changed!

Since attending Peep, I have lots more ideas about how to play using everyday household items and how play benefits a child's development. I know that opportunities to learn are all around and by using the opportunities I can help my daughter's personal and social development.

My daughter enjoyed lots of activities at Peep and I felt very happy to see her gain confidence over the months. 

At the end of our Peep group I had the opportunity to complete the Peep Progression Pathway course and to support the running of a Peep group. I then attended the Peep Learning Together Programme Training and this led to me applying for a post with Midlothian Council as a Peep Leader – I was successful!

To have the confidence to make a complete change in career is a real achievement for me. The Peep Progression Pathway course and the Learning Together Programme helped me become a better parent by supporting my learning and understanding of what a child needs. I realised that I loved the learning and wanted to do more. Being a Peep leader is a fantastic experience and I am so happy to be able to share the joy of Peep with other parents and children.”

Sarah O’Flaherty: “I heard about Peep from a local childminder and contacted the Peep Co-ordinator to ask for a space at my local group. I started going along when my child was six months old and attended for around six months too!

I also completed the Peep Progression Pathway course during this time. I see a big difference in how I am as a parent. I recognise my child’s playing is an important part of learning. I didn’t realise when my little one was making a mess on their high chair with food that she was discovering new things and this is one of the first forms of mark making. I am more relaxed and aware of simple ways to help my child develop well. My child loved the Peep group too.

After the Pathway course I volunteered at a Peep group, assisting with the running of the group. This was great experience and helped my confidence grow. When I returned to my professional job after maternity leave I decided to retrain and change careers. I attended the Peep Learning Together Programme training to become a Peep Leader. Now, two and a half years later, I have new skills and more confidence as a parent and a Peep leader!  I am now employed by Midlothian Council as a Peep leader. I have recently completed the Peep Antenatal Programme training which supported me to further develop my skills with families during pregnancy.”

July 2019

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